Pate (Shitake)

Pate (Shitake)
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Water non-hydrogenated vegetable oils yeast re-hydrated shiitake mushrooms (10%) potato flour onions sea salt seasoning and herbs (thyme nutmeg garlic powder red pepper)

Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan

Energy (kJ) 954, Energy (kcal) 229, Protein 9.60 
Carbohydrates 10.60 of which sugars 0.00 of which starch 0.00 of which lactose 0.00 
Fat 16.50 of which saturates 0.00 mono-unsaturates 0.00 poly-unsaturates 0.00 of which Cholesterol 0.00 
Alpha Linolenic (omega 3) 0.00 
Linolenic (omega 6) 0.00 
Gamma Linolenic
(omega 6) 0.00 
Fibre 0.00 
Calcium 0.00 
Sodium 0.00 


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